A bit too confident

Last weekend I told I guy that I like him. I’m 28 years old and this was the first time I did something like this, I gathered my courage, put on an smile and simply told the words. I felt awesome.. for 2 seconds. His response was terrible, he looked very uncomfortable and he awkwardly said thank you. Then he jumped on the spot and started talking about the weather. Yeah, he literally jumped and changed topic.

So I guess I was wrong and he does not like me back. I felt quite confident that he does but clearly mine was wishful thinking.

Obviously I am thinking about what to do or not to do next, I could text him and ask him to go out for a drink but I think it looks pathetic and desperate. Or I could wait for a move from his side. The most likely move he would make is NONE.

So I think I need to just let this one go and deal with the disappointment.

Being bold it’s not always a good idea unfortunately.